Time to take tea

Tea HeavenThis is a hectic world we live in – if we wish it to be so.  It can also be a calm and wonderful place, again if we wish it to be.  It’s all about perspective.  It is very tempting to fall into that sinkhole of feeling helpless in the face of speed and progress.

 ‘Ah’, we sigh, ‘all we want is a moment of peace.  Please’

What we all want is to be happy.  Happiness is about being calm, peaceful, at ease;  it’s about feeling in charge of our place in the world.  It’s a time when all around us looks good and manageable (even if there’s mess and muddle and the washing machine’s broken and the boiler’s on the blink)

There’s a very happy monk who says that we could all be much happier if we took 15 minutes a day to get calm and still all the bits that are wriggling and jumping around, usually in our heads.  And this lovely monk has explained how to go about this.  You can link to it here.  It’s definitely worth a read.

Our own recommendation is to take tea on a regular basis.  It too gives us a moment of calm, a time of peace, a place to contemplate on what is.  It’s a magical process.  Put that kettle on, place tea in a teapot, choose your favourite cup, find a comfortable seat, sit back and take that first sip, savour the full flavour.  By the time that cup is empty, there is no guarantee that the machinery has had a change of heart and will work again but the body and soul is definitely in a better place.  Happy brewing.

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