The perfect Milk Oolong

“One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life”    Chinese proverb


Tea time

Patience brews good tea.

Patience is a habit the takes  patience to master.  One way to get a little practise in is to do less and be present.    Doing less is where you don’t fret about the million tasks on the never-ending lists or as Lao Tzu suggests,

“Practice not-doing and everything will fall into place.” 

This could mean doing only one thing but doing it so well and with so much consideration , that a multitude of other things done rapidly without much care will pale in comparison.

And what of being present?   Mindful is the current  buzzword. Ah – a misleading word because a full mind is what you don’t want.  Being aware of the present is grabbing the mind back from its little waltzes and jigs into  myriad  areas  and sitting it firmly down in the present.  Focus on just being here, just being present and life will seem so much sweeter.

Simple really.  All it needs is a bit of practise.

Milk Oolong tea needs patience if it is going to be a good experience.  There is a trick to getting the water temperature just right too – and it does not require special equipment either.  Simply place the leaves in the pot with about 1cm of  cold water.  Leave for   1 minute.  Then pour on boiling water.  That will give you the perfect temperature for your Oolong tea .  Then leave for 5 minutes before pouring yourself the perfect cup Tea blog 2

Simple really.  All it needs is a bit of patience.

Have you ever tried Oolong with Rose and Vanilla?

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