The Notorious Lady in Amber

Blossom tea loose small

Blossom hitches up the folds of her gown and crosses her dainty legs. “You come from far?” she asks.

The stranger’s gaze travels up Blossom’s legs and through the froth and frills of her dress.

“Far enough,” he drawls. “Now get me a drink!”

“Well that ain’t no way to talk to a girl,” Blossom retorts.

“Girl!” the stranger growls. “Thought I was talking to a woman!”

“Woman!” cries Blossom, recrossing her legs. “I ain’t no woman!”

Alarm and a puzzled frown crosses the stranger’s face. His right hand flicks back and hovers over his gun.

“Relax, stranger,” says Blossom, reaching for a bottle and a glass. “You sure been away too long if you can’t tell the difference between a girl, a woman and……..a lady”

The stranger’s smoky grey eyes roam over Blossom’s bosoms, her pert chin, her rosy lips, her fiery red curls and meet her clear amber gaze.

“I reckon I can,” he drawls, reaching for the glass.

Blossom fills it from the bottle.

“Well, maybe I’ll be the judge of that……later,” she replies.

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