The Lady & The Scandalous Affair

Hibiscus tea looseShe stands in the doorway. Shadows obscure her dark, slender body; she is naked save for a single, red bloom in her hair. She observes the man asleep in her bed. She fingers the delicate flower in her hair and remembers the last time she had lain with this man, the perfection of his body, the smooth malty taste of his skin. Her gaze travels up the muscular curves of his legs, his buttocks, across the smooth, clear skin of his back and lingers amongst the brown and gold flecks in his hair.

Last night he had lain in the bed of another – a tart!

She moves to the bed as the sun rises and spreads a rich, red hue across the sky. She knows that only a true lady knows how to add real spice to life. She lays down beside the man and, with one delicate finger, draws a line down his back. He stirs as she whispers in his ear……….

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