The Lady loves Green Tea

Henry James Portrait of a Lady“Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea” says Henry James.

We applaud the sentiment and have already put the kettle on.  Because we can tip down the golden liquor and charge through the pages of a book at a pace many a would-be Olympian would yearn for.

This book,   The Portrait of a Lady is, like many teas,  for the discerning palate.  Not everyone  will become enamoured of its protagonist, Isabel Archer, and some of her decisions as she pursues her own path.  Not everyone will stay the course.  It is, however, considered a classic in the world of literature and I am sure many would clap Henry on the back and congratulate him on his masterpiece. We are not here to criticise, we just aim to open up possibilities.

So what does one drink when confronted with such a book.  No, we are NOT resorting to alcohol, well, not just yet, anyway.  But either there is a tea that will help the book along or maybe there is a tea that suggests the book.  It’s a long read.

After some consideration we decided that a green tea was necessary.  But it has to be one that is quite unique and not easily forgotten.  There needs to be an after taste that takes the palate on a journey where the end is never quite clear……. Isabel Archer knows all about that.

We chose this Nepalese Green Tea not only for its looks – a distinctive smooth, dark green needle – but also its full flavour.  It is grown on the Shree Antu Gurkha Tea estate and it is an area that produces superb teas much admired around the world.

So good luck with the book.  The tea – ah, now that’s a much better story.

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