Tea BreadWhat morsel of delight goes well with a cup of tea?  Ah, it’s all a matter of taste, darling.  What one person might consider ideal, another might consider sacrilege.  Many connoisseurs of the amber liquid would say that tea should be consumed on its own so that the delicate nuances of the particular tea can be understood and savoured.  ‘Tosh’, I say under my breath. What could be better than a wonderful slab of teabread to go with ones tea.

So, my dears, here is the delight.  It is a very easy recipe which you can find here .  But there is still that niggling little question that is which tea would go well with it.  After all, the world of tea is HUGE and the range of flavours ENORMOUS.  Making and tasting the teabread sorted all that out, however.  This is a teabread  that makes a statement with its abundance of juicy, tea soaked fruit mixed with the warmth of mixed spice.  It needed a tea which could stand on its own, make a speech if necessary AND have a fight afterwards.  Well it just has to be a Keemun then.  So, go and make that teabread and put the kettle on.  It will be worth it.

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