Lady Lavender’s Golden Lover

Lady Lavender sat astride her mule. It was a treacherous animal but Lady Lavender had long ago divested herself of fear of any living creature. She stared at the man standing solidly in her path. The sun rose above the … Continue reading


What morsel of delight goes well with a cup of tea?  Ah, it’s all a matter of taste, darling.  What one person might consider ideal, another might consider sacrilege.  Many connoisseurs of the amber liquid would say that tea should … Continue reading


Reading tea leaves has become a forgotten art.  Why?  Because reading tea bags simply doesn’t have the same je ne sais quoi.  And as sitting down to enjoy a wonderful cup of tea is also becoming lost in the rush … Continue reading


Loose tea leaves, like loose women, need to be treated with respect. They require patience in order to release their true nature and will repay all the time lavished on them by unleashing flavours that get taste buds tingling. Tea … Continue reading