Lavender Dunkers

Lavender tea biscuits

Lavender  Dunkers

The art of tea dunking is a skill that should be learned and honed as early as possible.  Going through life without being able to experience the tea dunked biscuit is a life badly lived.

And what, you may ask, is THE ultimate dunked biscuit.  Ah!  Now my dears, you are wandering into a very dangerous territory.  For what one taste bud adores, another abhors.  Some may consider the humble Rich Tea to be the only candidate.  Others may go all soggy at the mention of a Malted Milk.  Actually soggy may not be the best word to use here because the whole point in tea dunking is that one can CONTROL the biscuit right up until the end.  Lose control and well………

Personally, we are a tad  more refined, here at the Tea Ladies.  WE think that control of soggy is only part of the craft.  It is important that what is dunked not only softens but doesn’t soften too quickly AND that the flavour is enhanced.  So we set to work and came up with a quite delightful little number.

This biscuit lasted 4 seconds when dunked.   We got really carried away and put a spoonful of made black tea with lavender and lavender flowers in the mix.  This meant that when they were dunked, the flavour of the tea and the lavender reacted and became a gorgeous almost unidentifiable spicy experience.  So, if you fancy taking the challenge, then here is the recipe.

Happy dunking

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