Lady Lavender’s Golden Lover

Lavbender tea looseLady Lavender sat astride her mule. It was a treacherous animal but Lady Lavender had long ago divested herself of fear of any living creature. She stared at the man standing solidly in her path. The sun rose above the peaks and valleys of the distant mountains and shimmered across his golden torso.

Lady Lavender gathered her skirts, dismounted and approached him. Her gaze took in his dark, hooded eyes, the fullness of his lips, the strength of his jaw. She reached out and took his hand. A momentary tension passed between them.

“Come, sir,” she whispered. “I have much to share with you.”

Take a bold step and experience this seductive yet totally relaxing tea.  An alluring confection of Assam tea with the confident flavour of lavender and a delicate touch of cornflowers.

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