Lady Lavender’s Golden Lover

Lady Lavender sat astride her mule. It was a treacherous animal but Lady Lavender had long ago divested herself of fear of any living creature. She stared at the man standing solidly in her path. The sun rose above the … Continue reading

Lady Rose & The Taming of the Beast

“Oh My Lord Oolong!” Lady Rose’s delicate sensibilities crumbled as Lord Oolong’s strong, lissome body pressed against her own. Her fingers traced a line down the creamy skin of his neck; she caressed the dark, velvety smooth hairs of his … Continue reading

Welcome to the world of The Tea Ladies

Welcome!  Come in and join our world of Tea Ladies, Tea Leaves, Tea Tales, Tea Tips, Tea Bites and there may even be a few Tea Cads about too. We tasted, we tested, we tasted again and this, my dears, … Continue reading