So how do you make the most of a cup of tea?

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Lavender Dunkers

The art of tea dunking is a skill

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What morsel of delight goes well with a cup of tea?  Ah, it’s all a matter of taste, darling.  What one person might consider ideal, another might consider sacrilege.  Many connoisseurs of the amber liquid would say that tea should … Continue reading

Tea is Good (for you)

Well now, isn’t that a bit of Good News.  Tea is good for us. Breathe a big sigh of relief – because we drink A LOT OF IT here. But then if one is treating oneself to a regular dose … Continue reading

Tea & A Track

We’ve just started selecting some absolutely wonderful music for you………..

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Reading tea leaves has become a forgotten art.  Why?  Because reading tea bags simply doesn’t have the same je ne sais quoi.  And as sitting down to enjoy a wonderful cup of tea is also becoming lost in the rush … Continue reading


Life, like tea, is as good as the time spent making it.  If life is treated like a teabag (and who would want to share the fate of most teabags) then life is not going to give much back.  Pale … Continue reading


Loose tea leaves, like loose women, need to be treated with respect. They require patience in order to release their true nature and will repay all the time lavished on them by unleashing flavours that get taste buds tingling. Tea … Continue reading


Is there life beyond tea bags?  Does builder’s tea leave you blushing?  Is own brand tea just too pale, darling?  Don’t worry, you are  in just the right place.  Sit back, relax and let us tell you about a wonderful tea. … Continue reading

Welcome to the world of The Tea Ladies

Welcome!  Come in and join our world of Tea Ladies, Tea Leaves, Tea Tales, Tea Tips, Tea Bites and there may even be a few Tea Cads about too. We tasted, we tested, we tasted again and this, my dears, … Continue reading